On September 15, 2018, Solving X hosted its first ever fundraising event, Brushstrokes. The team was moved beyond words to witness an amazing community of family and friends come together to raise a magnificent $15,000! The generous donation allowed Solving X to contribute towards the New Ideas Grant Competition within the SickKids Centre for Brain and Mental Health, supporting scientists conducting research for ALD. All of this was made possible because of you. Thank you! 

Mission Accomplished

Success Of Our First Ever Fundraiser

Brushstrokes was a full-day art bonanza! Families enjoyed a fun-filled morning or afternoon of painting portraits–often with their hands! Our makeshift art studio had music, idol celebrities like Spiderman and Disney princesses and of course, food! In the evening, we dimmed the lights and hosted an 18+ session, indulging in a more intimate atmosphere with drinks alongside the canvases. 

Paying It Forward

Painting the Future of ALD Research

Brushstrokes was a registered event under the SickKids Activators Program, a campaign initiative for young professionals motivated to make a difference. The funds raised from the Brushstrokes event combined with the generous donations from our online portal amounted to an astonishing $15,000! The SickKids Centre for Brain and Mental Health graciously accepted our donation and transformed it into the New Ideas Grant which will help fund a new project initiative in this department. Clinicians and scientists working in ALD research will apply for this grant to kickstart their novel projects.

Our Event

This wasn’t just any family fundraiser. This was the first step towards solving for X.

Guided Paint Session

Silent Auction

Loaded Swag Bags

Children’s Idol Impersonators

Delectable Variety of Food

Complimentary Drinks


Our Crew

Teamwork makes the dream work

Special shoutouts go to Clarissa Tsai, Alexander Bearinger, Jordan Brown, Joana Marie Lim and to all of our amazing volunteers, who dedicated their days to help make this dream a reality.

Taelor Annike, Event Coordinator

Taelor managed venue scouting, auction gifts and ensured seamless flow of the event

Nicole Reis, Social Media Manager

Nicole took charge of Solving X’s social media presence, spreading the word about our good cause

Surpreet Kaur, Volunteer Coordinator

Surpreet ventured out to find dedicated individuals who were enthusiastic to commit to our cause

Leana Reis, Coordinator

Leana coordinated event logistics, managed our attendees and provided all-around support

From the Solving X Founders

Dream Big and Boldly, Go.

Olivia and Jessie shared a vision to host a fundraiser for SickKids that emphasized the value of family time on behalf of children born with ALD. But the reality of Brushstrokes coming to life along with the love and support they received during this journey went beyond their wildest dreams. They are grateful to have a strong community behind them, helping to push Solving X’s mission of helping children with ALD forward. 

Our Sponsors

Companies That Shared Our Vision For The Cause

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